Welcome to SO PROSECCO

We are an Irish-Italian company based in Dublin sourcing delicious, high quality Prosecco from the exclusive DOCG area of Valdobbiadene-Conegliano, Italy.

My name is Annamaria. After having lived for many years in Italy where I had the opportunity to try many different types of Prosecco, I decided to bring to Ireland a range of Prosecco which I think best represents the quality of Prosecco Italians are used to drinking. With an excellent Extra Dry Spumante (medium dry) , and a delicious Spumante BRUT (drier still) I can guarantee you great-tasting authentic Prosecco.

Simply named ‘SO’ we are rapidly growing our customer base year by year and you will find our wines in many of the top Wine Shops and boutique food stores of Dublin. In order to reach more customers throughout Ireland we have created an online shop for you. We know you have special events coming up such as weddings, birthdays, dinner parties and corporate events and you will need to be sure you are getting an excellent Prosecco to celebrate. Browse our wines and with just a few clicks we will deliver straight to your door within a couple of days.

Watch this space for interesting foodie and wine facts about Italy, Prosecco and more!